Safety Awareness during hostage situations and hijacking:

Know what to expect as a victim:

People who are taken hostage or hijacked, tend to experience feelings of anxiety, shock, disbelief and confusion.

• This first reaction usually leads to resistance, or retaliation which could have fatal consequences.

Know what to Expect of the Perpetrators

• They could be tense, anxious and nervous

• They could display a tendency to overreact


• Do everything the perpetrators tell you to do.

• Keep your brain active, know your surroundings.

• Listen for distinctive noises and sounds.

• Try to remind cool and calm.

• Fall flat and remain down during the relieving attack.


• Do not at any time become panic stricken or hysterical.

• Do not offer any form of resistance.

• Do not become abusive and aggressive or lose your temper.

• Do not threaten or provoke the captor(s)

• Don’t try to be a hero.

• Do not engage in an argument with the captor(s)

• Do not engage in any whispered conversations with the perpetrators.


• Make sure that you have a tracking devise in your vehicle.

• Tracking devise to be tested regularly’

• Always inform someone of your movements, the route that you will be taking, and the estimated arrival time.