Safety Tips At Work

1. Install a trusted alarm and security system– Be sure to install an alarm system that works for you. It is equally important to have a security system that may include security cameras and access control.

2. Know and manage your employees– Unfortunately, you sometimes need to secure your workplace from within. This includes eliminating employee theft by conducting proper background and reference checks. In addition, you should ensure that your employees are properly trained in terms of workplace safety, security, and emergency plans.

3. Control access to the building– Any entrance to your workplace should be secured. A system should be in place where employees must swipe an ID card or check-in with security personnel before they can enter the workplace. A clear protocol should be developed for any pickups or deliveries.

4. Protect your valuables– Proper locks and safes should be used when it comes to guarding your valuables. Access to your main server room should have limited access and remain locked at all times. Any money, financial documents, or other important items should be placed in a safe in which the combination is given to very few individuals.

5. Protect your workspace– While we strive for the office to be secure overall, it can start by securing your own space. Lock your computer when you aren’t sitting in front of your desk. Have a lock on your filing cabinets or drawers. Place your personal belongings in a secure area.

6. Have a buddy system– If it is necessary to work late, don’t do it alone! Or, try not to. If you do end up staying late, have a buddy system in place so that you aren’t walking alone to your car at night. Or, if no one is left at work, ask security to accompany you.

7. Maintain proper lighting– Always make sure that you have proper lighting. Lighting is important for employee safety and in addition, it could aid in security. Having proper, bright outside lighting could assist in securing the perimeter of your work building.

Adhering to the above workplace security tips will ensure the safety of yourself, others, and the workplace itself. In addition to these tips, if you notice anything unusual or feel uncomfortable at any time, you should always report it. The old adage rings true in that it is always better to be safe than sorry.