Alpha Security Management Team

Management Staff Profile:

All our management staff has extensive Military or S.A.P.S. operational experience, hence they understand exactly what goes on right from ground level upward.

Alpha Security currently has six members with V.I.P Protection and other specialized experience.

This includes:

• One member, who served in the S.A.P.S for 8 years and has served on various details involving high-risk protection of personnel.

• One member, who served 10 years in the Diamond and Gold Branch and another 10 years in the other details for the S.A.P.S .

• One member who served with Security Branch, Police and Defence Force for 18 years.

• Three members who served in the S.A.N.D.F collectively for over thirty years (Including 32 Battalion) and also served on details protecting   parliamentary members.

All these members have experience with a large variety of weapons including:

Uzi, H&K P5, R4, LM5, various 9mm pistols and shotguns. Alpha Security has also in line with the BEE policy is assisting a company called Bravo Security. It is solely owned by Victor Ndala. Victor has been with Alpha security since their inception in 1999 and has vast experience in the security industry and a former member of 32 Battalion.