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The Owner/Director of the business.

The owner of Alpha Security is Pierre Conradie, who acquired the company in May 1999. Pierre has grown up in the Hluhluwe area. During his time in the SADF he attained the rank of Lieutenant at Infantry School Oudshoorn. He spent his second year in SWA, where he spend time on the Angolan border. After his military service he studied agriculture in Potchefstroom. He settled in Hluhluwe where he got
married and have two sons. He joined Umkhombe Commando, which he ran for 12 years as company commander. He is also the co-founder of Hluhluwe Farm Watch, and serves on several security committees and other safety organizations. Pierre is the sole Director of Alpha Group under which various companies are run. He is also involved in Real Estate development in Hluhluwe.

The extent of Alpha’s business.

When Mr Conradie took over Alpha Security, it was a small company comprising
of 30 guards and it has now grown to one of the biggest security companies in Zululand and one of the biggest in KZN.They currently employ over 900 guards
in our Hluhluwe, Richards Bay and Eshowe and Pietermaritzburg sections, a lot
of whom are ex-military servicemen. The company have 73 vehicles deployed
over the area. The company is run according to a strict disciplinary code and
along strict disciplinary lines. The guards are registered with PSIRA and are paid according to their recommended PSIRA wage scale. Alpha makes use of ex-SADF
and SAP members to run the operations. Some of them were in 32 Battalion or
Recce Commando. These men were of the best soldiers in the Army and are not easily intimidated.

Since being taken over, Alpha has seen unprecedented growth, notwithstanding a policy of limited advertising. Our best advertisement is a satisfied client. Ninety percent of the work we get is through referrals from satisfied clients. Alpha’s
mission is to do all the security work from Durban up to the Mozambique border.
We are currently investigating the possibility to open a few more branches in KZN and Mpumalanga.

Alpha’s headquarters are situated in Hluhluwe with Supervisors stationed in all
of the area’s where we work. Our area of operation includes the whole north
coast of KZN and inland to Vryheid, Melmoth, Eshowe and Pietermaritzburg.
We have appointed a very active marketing team that is working very actively
in the area. We have developed a farm protection system over the past few years that we have successfully implemented in various areas. We are currently doing in the region of 700 000 ha of rural security.

Alpha Security believes in a pro-active approach to security. The Hluhluwe area
is a good example of an area where this approach has been very successful. Hluhluwe town and surrounding area is one of the areas in Natal with the lowest crime rate. This is achieved by a very good information system in combination
with a pro-active approach to crime from Alpha Security side. Alpha is used by various organizations to assist in drawing up area protection plans involving all sectors in a community.

Before any deployment of guards in an area a detailed area study is done where aerial photographs and crime history of an area is used to plan the operation with military precision.

We offer our client the following services:

• Asset protection through a range of guarding options.
• Alarm installation, monitoring and armed response.
• The whole range of electronic security options. From electric fencing to CCTV.
• Assessing security needs for clients.
• Vehicle monitoring and tracking
• Supply of security equipment.

Some of our clients include the following:
• Zulu Nyala (Lodge security, Access control and APU)
• Browns Cash and Carry (Massmart Group)
• Ballito Estates (Propert Managers)
• Spar Group

As we believe in an information-based system, we work closely with other security organizations like the SAPS, SANDF and other intelligence organizations. We
possess an extended information network that often sees the criminal arrested before the crime is committed. As communication is vital for a well-organized operation Alpha Security became a registered radio dealer. We have radio and
data repeaters that cover 95% of our operational area.

Polygraph test is a condition of employment and all new employees are tested
before employment. In case of any problem on a site we test our guards to
ensure they are not involved with any criminal activity.

Alpha Group has embarked on a community involvement program where we get involved with the local CPF’s and assist them and the community in the fight
against crime.

Management Staff Profile:

All our management staff has extensive Military or S.A.P.S. operational experience, hence they understand exactly what goes on right from ground level upward.
Alpha Security currently has six members with V.I.P Protection and other
specialized experience.

This includes:
• One member, who served in the S.A.P.S for 8 years and has served on various
  details involving high-risk protection of personnel.
• One member, who served in the S.A.P.S for 10 years, served in the Diamond
  and Gold Branch.
• One member who served with Security Branch, Police and Defence Force for 18
• Three members who served in the S.A.N.D.F collectively for over thirty years
  (Including 32 Battalion) and also served on details protecting parliamentary

All these members have experience with a large variety of weapons including:
Uzi, H&K P5, R4, LM5, various 9mm pistols and shotguns. Alpha Security has also
in line with the BEE policy is assisting a company called Bravo Security. It is solely owned by Victor Ndala. Victor has been with Alpha security since their inception in 1999 and has vast experience in the security industry and a former member of 32 Battalion.

The tourism industry is growing at a rapid pace and is very important in our area. Our goal is to secure the entire area, which would ensure a safe destination
for the tourist, who in turn would ensure a stable and growing tourism industry in KZN. This will mean extra jobs for the community and will benefit everyone.
If a stable environment can be established and maintained, our area can
become one of the prime tourist destinations in Southern Africa.

Alpha’s vision for the future We believe in what we do. We believe in the future
of South Africa. We are positive and committed to extend our service to the
whole area.

We do not sell guards, we sell an information-based system.

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