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Who is Alpha Security?  

Alpha Security has been one of the leading players in the Kwazulu Natal
business community, encompassing a number of subsidiary companies, which cater
for a range of security related services that covers everything from guarding to sophisticated electronic security systems. 

What can Alpha Security offer you?

Alpha Security is a proud organization that provides the following services :
A pro-active approach to all security related matters that makes use of
professional guarding and guards, Intelligence gathering, Installation of high
quality and durable electronic security systems that includes CCTV, Electric
Fencing, Normal and video verification alarm systems.

We install electric fences and gate motors. High quality burglar bars are also manufactured and fitted by our sister company Wetland Engineering.

Alpha’s Big 5 protection layers.   
Layer 1 : Guarding and guards(SABS: ISO 9001 Complaint)
Alpha has earned the reputation of not standing back and protecting our clients and their assets is our main priority. Our manpower is firstly intensively polygraphed before they start with their 6 months training and induction courses. Please visit our Facebook site (Alpha security and patrols) to learn about our positive arrests and removing of illegal perpetrators.

Layer 2 : Intelligence gathering and reaction
Alpha has agents in the field collecting information that assists us to divert or stop a potential armed robbery or housebreaking. Knowing what your enemies’ next move is helps with the war against crime.

Layer 3 : Electronic equipment warning barriers installed
Alpha Group has very professional and experienced technical teams working in the field who operate on the premise “do it right the first time” In other words no short cuts and only install equipment that is durable/tested and does the job. Layer 3 can be any one of the following: Electric fence, Outdoor alarm system, Indoor Alarm system and CCTV surveillance.

Layer 4 : Monitoring of Electronic equipment
Our updated control room with polite and caring controllers on board monitors layer 3 and provides the layer 5 armed reaction units to assist with accurate information received from the clients electronic equipment.

Layer 5 : Armed reaction unit
Well trained and experienced armed officers respond and attend to the accurate information they receive from the control room. Alpha also installs and responds to tracker signals and call outs.

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